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Risk-based healthcare compliance training to guide compliant behavior

Compliance Training is Essential
Drive Compliance Results
LHT Learning creates engaging, custom compliance eLearning that is easily accessible and immediately relevant to employees at all levels of a workforce, with defined business results. Some examples of compliance learning materials include compliance infographics, compliance podcasts, compliance scenarios, compliance videos and animations, policy and material portals, compliance onboarding programs, compliance branding and communications, interactive PDFs and process documentation. LHT understands that compliance training success is not found in employee satisfaction or in the number of training completions. It is found in our ability to help your team connect complex compliance information to their jobs and guide compliant behavior.

Effective compliance communication to
employees outside of your compliance team.

Healthcare Compliance Content Expertise

LHT Learning provides niche healthcare compliance and privacy content expertise, paired with superior learning design and delivery. See how we helped one of the largest healthcare companies transform their Corporate Integrity Agreement.

LHT Learning Healthcare Compliance Training topic expertise includes:
  • Anti-Kickback Statute, including specifics around Health Care Professional engagements
  • False Claims Act
  • Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, particularly as part of off-label promotion
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, including global anti-bribery regulations
  • HIPAA, including personal health information
  • Privacy laws, GDPR, and the intersection of privacy and cybersecurity
  • Health care transparency and reporting requirements
  • PhRMA and AdvaMed Codes, as well as their European counterparts (i.e., MedTech)
  • Third-Party Intermediaries guidelines and regulations/ethical suppliers and sourcing issues
  • Sanctions risk
  • Codes of conduct
  • Ethical behavior principles

Multi-faceted compliance training solutions that exceed U.S. government standards.

Risk-Based, Global Healthcare Compliance Learning Strategy

LHT Learning has partnered with leading, global pharmaceutical and medical organizations in meeting and exceeding robust compliance training and communication requirements of U.S. federal Deferred Prosecution Agreements and Corporate Integrity Agreements.

Exceeds Government Expectations

LHT Learning has partnered with healthcare compliance training teams in shaping global compliance learning techniques and programs, as a way to mitigate risk identified in company risk analysis.

Content Reinforcement
& Harmonization

LHT Learning has developed hundreds of hours of Compliance-related training programs. We have a rich database of best practices for global and regional application of various compliance concepts.

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