The Organizational Development Forum invited Dan Longhouse to speak on emerging trends in custom employee training. Presenting to some of the region’s top employers, Dan provided a cross-section of the most effective approaches to eLearning. If you didn’t attend, here’s what you missed:

Interactive Virtual Environments – Modeling a fully-functioning digital replica allows employees to experience real environments and situations without risk. Throughout the 3D eLearning course, learners complete interactive exercises and scenarios based on real-world factors. Once built, new learning scenarios are easily integrated and updated.

New Hire Portals – Creating an online learning portal not only centralizes and streamlines the process from pre-hire through the first 90-days, but also increases accuracy of information delivery. Most importantly, portals can leverage new HTML5 technology to deliver content across multiple mobile devices and web browsers.

Scenario-Based eLearning – Expressing complex compliance issues with fun, interactive eLearning courses are some of the most impactful and effective trainings. By using storylines with day-to-day scenarios, employees learn to successfully overcome common compliance issues and the alike.

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