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24 09, 2019

Employees won’t remember what you teach them once

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17 repetitions? 20 hours? How long does it take you to learn a new skill? Regardless of your answer, it’s certainly not going to be, “Once.” Yet, organizations repeatedly expect employees to retain new information or apply new behaviors after a single learning event.

Quality learning experiences that include scenario-based learning, gamification, and meaningful interactions produce tangible results. By themselves though, they are not enough. A message needs to be repeated multiple times to embed the information into employees long-term memory and natural behavior patterns. Often referred to as spaced learning, this approach presents learners with the same information, in different ways, over a specific period of time. 

We have helped many of our clients create strategic learning programs that include an impactful learning experience, followed up by timed supplemental training and communication efforts. We can often re-purpose custom eLearning content, infographics and videos to create new delivery methods for the audience. For example, for a recent healthcare client we created a comprehensive learning strategy that included re-using components of custom compliance eLearning into internal email campaigns, web-based compliance comic strips, print and digital policy one-pagers and even video screen messaging within their office building. 

How have you used the spaced learning concept in your organization? What’s worked and what hasn’t? Leave us a comment and let us know!


17 09, 2019

43 Awards and Counting

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With the latest Brandon Hall award win, LHT Learning has now earned 43 learning industry awards since 2017. Our client success stories are shining through on award applications. They demonstrate the measurable results LHT’s custom eLearning programs generate. 

We are proud of our clients whom we partnered with to create these award-winning custom eLearning programs. Learning industry awards that we have won include Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning Awards, Communicator Awards, Davey Awards, Horizon Awards, and OMNI Awards

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our award-winning programs and how we can help your learners connect the dots between your information and their actions.

11 09, 2019

Compliance Training Provides Opportunity to Address Top Compliance Risks

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By Ben Palchick

Thank you Bloomberg Law for the informative webinar about the top compliance risks facing today’s in-house counsel. Bloomberg Law also noted how compliance training can provide an opportunity to address these risks. 

Compliance officers are certainly challenged with an ever-increasing scope of responsibilities and changing guidelines. What was clear from this presentation is that GDPR, cybersecurity, privacy, and 3rd party FCPA risks remain as top compliance concerns and targeted areas of federal government enforcement actions. To mitigate these risks, compliance officers should aim to naturally integrate compliant behaviors into the culture of an organization. One way to do this is through effective administration of training, particularly robust new hire training, annual refresher training, and role-specific training on these risk areas and other key compliance concepts. 

LHT Learning has recently helped several healthcare and energy companies with GDPR, cybersecurity, privacy, and 3rd party intermediary training programs. These training programs have used gaming and scenario-based training elements to help employees not only understand these complex topic areas, but connect that information to their day-to-day jobs, and ultimately minimize compliance risk.



3 09, 2019

LHT Learning Distinguished with Three Best Advance in Global Compliance Training Awards

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LHT Learning Wins Gold

The awards keep rolling in for the boutique custom eLearning firm, recognizing their unique design and focus on behavior change for critical employees

Columbus, OH – Sep. 3, 2019 –LHT Learning announces today that it won three Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning Awards in the Best Advance in Compliance Training category. Already recognized for more than 40 industry awards in the last year alone, LHT Learning took home one Gold and two Silver awards in the 2019 Brandon Hall global training awards evaluation.

LHT Learning shares these awards with its long-standing clients, Owens & Minor, American Electric Power, and Johnson & Johnson. “What LHT creates and how we partner with our clients is unique. These awards are a continued testament to our commitment to design that’s outside the box and helping clients achieve real business results,” said LHT Learning CEO Dan Longhouse.

“The HCM Excellence Awards recognize programs that measurably benefit organizations,” said Mike Cooke, Brandon Hall Group CEO. “Many human capital management departments are unable to confirm that their initiatives help the business’s bottom line. Because we focus on measurable benefits, our awards program is universally recognized and highly prestigious.”

Key components of the award-winning programs included:

  • Targeted and simple scenario-based learning that allowed the practice of complex concepts
  • Visually engaging training formats, such as interactive infographics and flip books
  • Custom graphics that blended client workplace photography and animation, bringing a wow-factor and immediate relatability

 “The entire purpose of custom eLearning is to connect information to actual business results. In a fast-pace business environment, training that grabs and sustains employee attention makes a noticeable difference in the application of training concepts in day to day jobs,” Longhouse continued.

To learn more about LHT Learning, please call 614-432-8911 or email info@thelhtgroup.com.




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