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28 01, 2020

What is Compliance Training?

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What is compliance training? Take a look at this infographic and see how to make sense of compliance training and how it’s impacted by data and dollars. And, be sure to check out the compliance training approaches we’ve used to help our clients meet and exceed government compliance training expectations. 

what is compliance training

Original Source: https://www.learnupon.com/blog/what-is-compliance-training/ 

Compliance training has broad content application. Organizations should aim for compliance content that focuses on the applicability of the information, rather than the in’s and out’s of the laws and policies themselves. 

Compliance training content may be related to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Anti-Kickback Statute, Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, Anti-Harassment, Workplace Safety, Code of Conduct, HIPAA, Diversity, Cybersecurity, Data Protection, and much more. Most compliance training, 82% in fact, is completed online.

The ideal training approach for online compliance training is that the content is broad-reaching, but with personalized paths for individual job functions, such as sales, marketing or research and development. In addition, effective compliance training should be scenario drive, engaging and memorable, and lead employees and contractors to additional resources and where to go for help. 

10 12, 2019

Holiday Learning Gift Guide

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It’s no secret; LHT team members love to learn! We’ve compiled a few of our favorite items into our first-ever Holiday Learning Gift Guide. Whether you’re giving to team members, family members, or yourself, these gifts are sure to spark interest, enjoyment, and appreciation. 

Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil combines the power of the iPad with the creative process of a pencil. Endless possibilities in meaningful note-taking, brainstorming, editing, and more

Oculus Headset (Try it at your next team gathering. We promise it will be unforgettable!) 

Oculus headsets create amazingly realistic virtual environments that are fun and challenging. LHT Learning recently used Oculus to create a custom VR healthcare learning environment, too.

Design Is Storytelling  (An LHT designer favorite!) 

Good design, like good storytelling, brings ideas to life. Explore why graphics have such an impact on our lives and our learning experiences. 

ATD Professional Membership 

ATD is the industry standard for L&D resources, research, professional development, and networking. While their national conferences are well known, our team members often find the most value and connection in local or regional events. 

Elastic: Unlocking Your Brain’s Ability to Embrace Change

Outside the box is often encouraged, yet rarely practiced. In Elastic, Leonard Mlodinow outlines how we can harness the power of our brains to let go of comfortable ideas, reframe the questions we ask, and improve our ability to problem-solve. 

The Great Courses 

Always wanted to Learn to Play Guitar? How about insights into the Economic History of the World or How to Write Great Fiction? The Great Courses creates entertaining and immersive educational experiences around thousands of interesting topics. 

Constantin Brainteasers

Challenge yourself to move a ball through beautifully laser cut mazes and gears. From simple to downright difficult, these brainteasers may help stimulate a new idea on your next oh-so-long conference call.

Whether you’re taking a learning holiday or simply spending time with family, all of us at LHT Learning wish you a safe and joyful holiday season!

26 11, 2019

How often is compliance training required?

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Compliance training is required at least annually. It’s a critical element of an effective compliance program and is even listed as a core responsibility of a healthcare compliance officer. Compliance training spans industries – healthcare, energy, finance, quality, EHS, and more – as it is critical to lawful business conduct and quality products and services. It is often created as a cross-functional effort between human resources, compliance, legal, and training teams. Compliance training may include information related to a company’s code of conduct, company policies and guidance documents, or federal and state laws or agreements. The key to compliance training effectiveness, though, is in interpreting this often complicated and lengthy information into meaningful employee insights and defined behaviors. 

Compliance training content provides the most value when it is personalized and driven by specific scenarios that your employees face each day. Compliance training, while required annually, should be supplemented by effective and periodic communication, another element of an effective compliance program. Annual compliance training and spaced compliance learning initiatives throughout the year keep compliance top of mind and help your employees achieve business results ethically and lawfully.