Storyline Tips and Tricks

Authors: James Heiliger & Wei-Cheng Tang

So you’ve created a Storyline file with no Final Test. However, your course contains slides that the user may or may not ever go to (e.g., a Help slide, branching slides that are optional). This makes using the minimum number of pages viewed option when publishing a bit tricky to reliably and consistently obtain course completion on an LMS. Click to learn more.


Ben and Dan are set for sunny 80 degree weather, “Florida Casual,” and to lead key sessions at the 2013 Learning Management System User Conference by LearnShare.

In addition to setting the stage for new training solutions, Dan Longhouse will lead  Click to learn more.

Seminal Gaming

The LHT Group is up to some exciting custom eLearning projects. Checkout our list!

Once a month, The LHT Group reviews it’s current custom eLearning projects. Presently, we’ve got everything from new and engaging courses on employee handbooks, to creating health care compliance libraries. We understand that our clients’ needs are unique, so we have a staff that is equally…ehm, special.

Checkout this list of The LHT Group’s top 17 custom eLearning projects: Click to learn more.