eLearning Audio

Integrating eLearning audio and sounds is a key part of any good training program. As DIY eLearning mentioned in the Top 8 eLearning Audio Considerations, sounds can help engage users, increase material retention, and break-up long learning sessions.

But what are some of the best sounds out? Delighted you asked! Click to learn more.

The LHT Group is up to some exciting custom eLearning projects. Checkout our list!

Once a month, The LHT Group reviews it’s current custom eLearning projects. Presently, we’ve got everything from new and engaging courses on employee handbooks, to creating health care compliance libraries. We understand that our clients’ needs are unique, so we have a staff that is equally…ehm, special.

Checkout this list of The LHT Group’s top 17 custom eLearning projects: Click to learn more.