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Realistic interactive 3D training environment for new employees

This Fortune 500 Company is one of the nation's largest providers of automotive services and products and they believe in the value of training their employees well. We've designed and developed over 100 interactive eLearning courses for them, but this time they wanted something different.

They wanted a more engaging and interactive way to educate employees on performing specific tasks in a realistic virtual store using scenarios. We proposed creating a realistic 3D environment of one of their automotive service centers and they loved the idea.

The first course takes employees through the procedures that technicians must complete from greeting a guest to installing oil to thanking the guest for their business—and everything in between. Learners even discover what to say to co-workers ensuring procedures are completed quickly, accurately, and safely.

The LHT Group eLearning Compliance Course
We setup time to visit one of the local instant oil change stores, took measurements, photos and modeled an entire 3D automotive service center that looks identical to the actual store. Employees feel like they’re on the job when they take this course (and other courses in this series). We modeled 3D cars and trucks and illustrated characters for the course as well.
Throughout the course, learners demonstrate what they’ve learned by completing interactive exercises and scenarios. There are also a series of videos providing additional information around each of the procedures. This course has experienced so much success and positive feedback that we’ve developed several additional courses using this realistic virtual automotice service center. Expertise Used:
  • Project Management
  • Instructional Design
  • 3D Modeling
  • Lectora, Flash
  • Learning Management System Expertise
  • Graphic Design
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