Systems Training Mobile Video | Healthcare
Creative, highly visual system training video, mobile devices

This national health insurance company integrated a new software application with Microsoft Outlook to create a single platform for their sales organization to use to track communication, record events, and manage


tasks more effectively and efficiently. Prior to this integration, the company administered a survey to its sales organization asking how individuals learn on their own time. The majority reported that they learn by watching

YouTube videos. With this ammunition, we knew how to attack the challenge! Allowing employees quick access to information accessible in web browsers, including iPads and mobile phones.
The LHT Group eLearning Compliance Course

Because we design our courses around the needs of the learner, we created a series of nine short learning videos to transition employees to the new platform and to train them to use it on the job. The goal was to train the sales organization as quickly and efficiently as possible so they could begin using the platform and increase productivity.

Each learning video is about five minutes long and addresses one topic in a powerful, visually appealing way. The company reported that the training videos were a huge success and helped employees transition smoothly and quickly to the new software application.

Expertise Used:
  • Project Management
  • Video Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Mobile Learning
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