Virtual Office Course | Fortune 500 Banking
A day in the life, 3D interactive office environment
This Fortune 500 Company needed an engaging way to train Customer Service employees on a new software application. In addition to training employees on how to use the software, this course needed to break

through the resistant attitudes many employees had about migrating to a new software platform. The eLearning course needed to be engaging, interactive and fun. They wanted a way to bring a real-life

environment to the training so the user is faced with actual scenarios where it’s necessary to use objects in your office, just like in a standard workday. No problem! We knew just what to do!

The LHT Group eLearning Compliance Course

We created an engaging eLearning course that appeals to all learning types and attitudes. The course includes a 3D model of the client’s actual office environment—from the elevator ride up to the office space and telephone on the desk. The learner interacts with items throughout the office to complete the course. 

In this scenario-based course, the learner helps his or her virtual officemates understand the new software and how it impacts them. Co-workers stop by, call, or send an Instant Message with questions about the initiative. The learner must explore the office to find the answers, including clicking the fan to turn it on, or relieve stress by stretching the stress ball.

We have received great feedback on this course! The realistic 3D office environment surprises and immediately engages learners. This course has successfully helped employees transition to the new software.

Expertise Used:
  • Project Management
  • 3D Modeling
  • Graphic Design
  • Course Development
  • Learning Management System Expertise
eLearning Virtual Office