Health Care Compliance Course | Fortune 500 Healthcare Company
Scenario based eLearning course in 22 languages, iPad accessible
This international health care company was experiencing an increasing amount of negative feedback about their compliance and ethics training courses. Management and employees complained the courses were boring, filled with legal jargon, and they couldn't remember the content—much less apply it to their everyday work life. They needed an eLearning

course that brought compliance issues to life. And they needed it in 22 languages. The company's current courses only worked on browsers, but due to the increased number of iPads, they wanted a trusted partner with experience creating and deploying eLearning courses for mobile devices such as the iPad, as well as for standard browsers.

So...they were looking for a fun, interactive eLearning course on health care compliance that would be used globally in 22 languages for multiple job roles within the company, could be viewed on Internet Explorer 6+ and iPads, and would engage learners to actually learn and apply the content. Not a problem! You hired the right team!

The LHT Group eLearning Compliance Course
We created an interactive scenario-based eLearning course that tells the story of a new associate and his colleagues who are confronted with several compliance issues. The user is challenged with helping them overcome common compliance issues by choosing answers throughout each role-based branching scenario.
The final course is fully functional on Internet Explorer 6+ and all versions of iPad. It launches as a single course on the LMS and the user can then select the appropriate language from 22 options. The course has received extremely positive feedback from the leadership team and from employees. It has been praised as the most impactful and effective training that the company has ever rolled out. Expertise Used:
  • Instructional Design
  • Mobile Learning
  • LMS Integration
  • Translation Integration
  • Graphic Design
  • Course Development
  • Project Management
Compliance Course