Health Care Compliance Training
Health Care Compliance
iPad accessible scenario-based eLearning course, translated into 22 languages and launched globally.
Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Manufacturer

Migration to New Software Training
Migration to New Software Training
A day in the life of an employee set in a 3D interactive office environment modeled after the client location.
Banking and Financial

Mobile Ready Training Videos
Mobile Ready Training Videos
Visually appealing, mobile ready, short learning videos providing instant access to software how-to information.
Health Insurance

Automotive Service Center Training
Automotive Service Center
Modeled an automotive service center providing a realistic interactive 3D training environment for new employees.
Automotive and Industrial Products

Standards of Business Conduct Training
Standards of Business Conduct
Illustrated compliance officer guides employees through interactive compliance scenarios.
Electric Utilities

Employee New Hire Portal
Mobile phone and tablet accessible portal that guides new hires through the onboarding process.
Government and Commercial Science and Technology