The LHT Group provides a wide range of course creation options, from a basic course with text, images, and a scored test all the way to complex interactivity, learning games, and 3D environments.

Take a look at a few different options we provide to our customers.

Basic Course
The Basic Course consists of text, graphics, and limited interactions with a final test scored on your Learning Management System. This type of course has a quick turn-around.

Demo 1 - Learning Management System Overview

Basic Video
The Basic Video course will play video with the corresponding text and graphics displayed on the side. Unfortunately we cannot demo for confidentiality reasons.
Moderately Interactive Course
The Moderately Interactive Course consists of text, graphics, basic interactions (button clicks, rollover, simulations, etc.), and a few advanced interactions (drag and drop, animations). This course may consist of audio and limited use of videos.

Demo 1 - Oil Filter Change
Demo 2 - E-learning Basics
Demo 3 - Limitation Liability

Highly Interactive Course
The Highly Interactive Course consists of text, graphics, interactions with complex animations, video, and/or 3D artwork. These include virtual environments, branching scenarios, and animated characters.

Demo 1 - Customer Service Training
Demo 2 - Workplace Safety Training

Interactive Learning Games
These games combine fun and education, resulting in more compelling and engaging corporate training courses. Examples include Mission Impossible, Deal or No Deal, Jeopardy, etc.

Demo 1 - Call or Don't Call (Employee Hotline Training)

DIY eLearning
DIY eLearning provides a simple, quick AND affordable way to create more engaging courses. Purchase pre-built interactions and customize by simply filling out text fields using our web-based editor! Download the SWF file and insert into your course authoring tool!

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Customer Testimonials
"We needed a flexible partner who could consistently deliver any phase of the eLearning design and development process. The LHT Group fills that need perfectly. We may need instructional design for one project, flash development for another, and graphic design and translation for a third. One call to The LHT Group meets all our needs - always on time, and always on budget." Manager, Talent Management
Major Motor Oil Company

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Co-Development Services

Learn more about how our co-development services helped a major motor oil brand reduce turnover and increase management profiency.